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We are Rob and Nat, designers, builders and founders of RN Properties.  
To understand how and why we started this company, here's a little background:
We both met in college while studying architectural technology in Ottawa.
This is where we discovered our common interests for design and construction,
as well as our drive and passion for this field. We were eager to jump into business
together shortly after we finished college in 2013.  We started our journey at 20
years old, not long after graduating, with 0$ to our names 
by building our own
home from the ground up. We did most of the work ourselves 
in order to replace
our down payment in sweat equity.  This project allowed 
us to build a second property the same way and we kept going from there.  We started building and owning rental properties in 2014 at the age of 21, got married in 2017 and officially founded RN Properties in 2018. 

We pride ourselves in the quality product we deliver. Our homes are built to the Ontario building code and are always in line with all municipal sanitary and housing requirements, along with energy efficient features to help lower utility costs. We want to provide the best possible renting experience whether you plan on renting for just 1 year or 20. We are proud knowing our tenants are happy and comfortable in their homes and our goal is to maintain this level of service as we grow. 

With RN Properties, you can be sure that you'll have a home that was built with care and is maintained with pride. You'll also have a landlord who cares and knows the property inside out which allows us to provide an excellent maintenance service. 

We have big dreams and we hope you'll want to rent from us in the future!

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